Group Classes

Our classes start with Puppy , then A-Level moving onto B, C, and so forth. While most dogs start in either Puppy or Family Manners A-level classes, if your dog has previous training we would be happy to met with you and evaluate staring at a higher level! Our group classes are an hour long once a week  for 7 weeks and are $125.00.  All classes have both an Instructor and an Assistant, and are limited to 6 dogs (or fewer) to ensure lots of quality one-on-one instruction within the group class format.

All of our classes are offered upon request as private sessions for sensitive or reactive dogs; be sure to scroll down to learn more about our special reactive dog and sensitive dog classes. 

We welcome uniquely-abled dogs into our regular group classes - including (but not limited to) deaf and/or blind- as we believe everyone is capable of learning and enjoying life!


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Most of our classes are one hour for 7 weeks. 

Look at individual classes for specifics.



Designed for pups 10 -22 weeks, Island Dog goals for your pups are

  1. Socialization with people and other puppies (when appropriate)
  2. Basic instruction with motivational clicker training and insights into how dogs learn
  3. Basic introduction to skills and manners 

Please note that while we start working on the basics such as "sit' and "down, this is not a traditional  obedience class. We focus on foundation training skills and teaching you how to introduce new sounds, objects and people to your pup in a safe, calm manner. Attendance ath the first class is mandatory. This is an AKC S.T.A.R Puppy Class.

A - Level Class Family Manners

Dogs from 6 months old to senior citizens will begin to learn basic manners such as sit, down, wait, come, and loose leash walking. We start indoors where the distractions are low, and weather permitting build to working outside as well!

Build your relationship wit your dog through dog friendly. positive clicker training! 

Attendance at the first class is mandatory.


A Level Playground Patterns

In this course we work with only jumps, tunnels, and hoops; it is safe for any age or ability of dog as there are no high-impact obstacles. We use these seemingly simple obstacles to create various patterns for your dog to run through! 

Learn how to build engagement, improve off-leash skills, and use toys in training (if your dog is toy motivated),  and grow as a team as you navigate the course together. 

This class is quite different and unique from our regular Playground class, but both versions complement each other.

Pre-requisite: Puppy or Family Manners Class


B - Level Classes


Dogs continue working on basic manners: sit, down, wait, come, and loose leash walking. We also focus on friendly greetings - sitting calmly when people approach instead of jumping! 

For variety, as most dogs get bored with always doing "sit-stay-come", we do something a little different every week such as searching for treats, or jumping over and onto obstacles! we also start working on more advanced obedience such as heeling and working with your dog close to your side.

B - Level Class

 Gymtastic Tricks Series  
*Dogs may move from directly from Family Manners (A-Level) to this class with Instructor permission.
Offered in a three-class sequence (Levels B-C-D), and expands beyond basic training to teach tricks! A bored dog may be a troublesome dog and tricks are the perfect way to give their brains a workout. 

We start off with foundational body awareness training and simple tricks, and progress to the complex flashy tricks you see on TV! Incorporated in the class are exercises to help your dog learn body coordination, balance, and work on various surfaces so they can learn more complex tricks in the future. Connect with your dog, learn more about their unique personality, and grow an incredible teamwork bond! Class is limited to five dogs.


C- Level Class

AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Prep

This class is a preparation class to take the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test. We focus on the obedience required for the CGC test, such as heeling through a course with turns, walking calmly through crowds of people, and being calm in close proximity to other dogs. On the last day of this class, we offer the CGC test, although even if you do not wish to take the test we welcome anyone who wants to work on these skills!

We also test for AKC Community Canine AND Urban CGC after passing CGC

Playground Series

Where Is It? Series

Where Is It? Series


Offered in a three-class sequence (Levels C-D-E), Playground is a non-competitive "agility-for-fun" class. As you progress through the classes you'll learn how to teach your dog to go through a tunnel, jump on a stationary platform, walk on a narrow plank, balance on a teeter, and more! You will get lots of exercise as your dog runs through the obstacle courses! This class will also improve your teamwork skills of working together off-leash in a safe and controlled environment. 


A new D Level Class

Playground plus Rally, Fun & Games and more! Starts July 20th.

Where Is It? Series

Where Is It? Series

Where Is It? Series


Offered in a three-class sequence (Levels C-D-E), learn how to channel your dog's natural instinct to use its sense of smell into a game you can play anytime and anywhere with your dog. We introduce searching for treats in boxes and similar places. As you progress through the courses, we start searching outside, in cars, and increase the complexity of the search! 

This is a treat-based version of AKC Nosework. Class is limited to four dogs.


Where Is It? Series

Tactile Class for Deaf and/or Blind Dogs


Offered in a three-class sequence (Levels C-D-E), Work on the skills from Rally-O, a growing sport of advanced obedience skills done in a path work sequence.

Build the bond with your dog by navigating a course with signs for different behaviors including various turns, serpentines, sidesteps, heeling at various speeds (walking, running!) and more. 

Tactile Class for Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

Tactile Class for Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

Tactile Class for Deaf and/or Blind Dogs


Dogs that have vision or hearing challenges can learn basic cues (sit, down, loose leash walking, stay and others). We teach hand signals or touch signals.  

The challenge is for you, the human. It takes patience and the ability to "see" and "hear" the way  your dog does. Class is limited to 4 dogs.  Private classes are available.

Sensitive Dog Classes

Tactile Class for Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

Sensitive Dog Classes


Sensitive Dog Class
  These classes are 1-on-1 training for shy or timid sensitive dogs. Build your dog's confidence working with their nose, paws, and interacting with their environment. Classes are 20 minutes once a week of individual instruction tailored to your dogs specific needs     based on a private evaluation prior to class acceptance.

Sensitive Dog Transition Class
  After completing sensitive dog classes, if your dog is not ready for a full regular class, we offer a smaller group class limited to four or fewer dogs depending on their needs. These classes are one hour long, every week for seven weeks.

 After taking the Sensitive Dog Class, we offer all of our C-level classes as one-on-ones, upon request.

Home Skills

Tactile Class for Deaf and/or Blind Dogs

Sensitive Dog Classes


Time for your dog to earn their dog food? 

Let's teach him to open dresser drawers and bring your socks to you, or open the refrigerator and bring a cola! 

Got a 'touch' light? Cue your dog to turn it on so you don't have to enter a dark room. 

This class is geared towards those training service dogs, but anyone is welcome to join!


Reactive Dog Classes

These classes are for dogs with issues such as barking and/or growling at people and/or other dogs or who are timid about interacting with new environments an opportunity to learn new behaviors and build their confidence. Each class will be tailored to the individual dog and their needs based on a private evaluation prior to class acceptance. Once you have successfully progressed through 101 and 102, you are welcome to take any of our C-level courses as an individual one-on-one class!

Reactive Dogs 101

Does your dog bark and lunge at people or other dogs? 

We give a 1.5 hour lecture for the first class to help handlers understand the fear that is causing their dogs to react to other dogs. We use drawings and videos in this lecture to teach what to look for in your dog BEFORE the reaction begins. 

In Reactive Dog 101 each dog/handler team will receive 20 minutes of individual instruction each week, at an assigned time. Handlers will learn Relaxation, Counter Conditioning and other techniques to help their dog be more comfortable in their environments. When you know what to do when your dog sees another dog you'll be more comfortable too! Classes will be indoors and outdoors. This is a 7 week class.

Reactive Dogs 102

 In Reactive Dog 102 each dog/handler team will continue receive 20 minutes of individual instruction each week, at an assigned time. 

Handlers will continue to work on Relaxation, Counter Conditioning and other techniques to help their dog be more comfortable in their environments. 

Most classes will be outdoors. Weather permitting and if your dog is ready,  the last class will be in your neighborhood